Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Music Video Finale

Hi everybody! I'm back with the last project of the year, a Music video!

My team consists of Jeanne Casem,  Meah Jensen,  Kaile Mckeown, and Eve Ohai. Our song is Man in The Mirror, by Michael Jackson. We chose this song because, everyone in our class had to come up with a list of songs they wanted to do, and Man in The Mirror was on someones list. We decided to do it after A LOT of debate. Everyone wanted to do different songs, but we ended up with Man in The Mirror. My team has a bunch of people with different music tastes, so it was hard to chose songs. We used most of the song, from the beginning.

Our storyline is about a person who gets bullied by three girls, who are trying to make her give them
her money, and a person who sees this and at first does nothing, then helps the girl. They become friends, and see the two bullies. They find out the bullies are homeless and they needed money so they tried to make the girl give it to them. They give them money and everyone becomes friends and have fun together. It relates to the lyrics because at first the girl doesn't help the girl get away from the bullies, then makes a change. Also the homeless people are the homeless people in the song. They all make a change in themselves by helping people, or not bullying, or just making new friends. This gives a positive message about helping others and being your best self.

This music video definitely shows our best work. It is most certainly the best video of the year, and shows high quality and time. We all worked really hard. Kaile and Jeanne, the editors, created an amazing piece that was timed well, and Eve, Meah and I all made great photoshop band posters. I feel like we should have gotten more time on the band poster though, and I had to fix mine. In the end, they turned out great. I was happy about the result of this, and I am proud of my team. We did great, and I think that we did good work.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

P2T7_BreakTheSystem from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Hi everybody! We are working on a new project, a movie trailer!

My project is a movie trailer of a movie, called Break the System. My team is Dana Murata, Meah Jensen, Kaile Mckeown, and Megan Taogoshi. Here are the links to their blog. Meah Jensen Kaile McKeown Megan Taogoshi Dana Murata. They are a great team. The movie for out movie trailer is called Break the System. Our story is about a town where everyone is very poor. There is a ring that instantly brings you fame and fortune. Everyone wants the mythical ring, and there is a test to get it. One girl gets thrown into the test, and forms a group of friends who work together to obtain the ring, and go through many intense obstacles to do that, including one competitor that will do anything to win. We all basically did the storyboard and the plan, and Kaile and I did the script together. I also did two of the movie posters, one of which I turned in early for extra credit. We were all in the trailer, and I also did some filming. The setting was in my backyard down this valley, and into this place that looks like a forest. My team is brilliant, and they all contributed to the trailer excellently.

Some of the biggest challenges for my team was schedules. My team is all very busy a lot, with soccer, bowling, music lessons, gymnastics, and swimming. With this it was quite hard to find days that worked, and we ended up filming on several separate days. This was in fact our greatest challenge, but we worked it out. However a success of our team is that everyone in my team works really hard and we are all good at filming, editing, and working in Photoshop. We also had a great location to film in, and great movie posters and a great editor. I believe that my team can produce an amazing movie trailer and posters. Our movie trailer was very good and I am proud of my team. I think the movie posters were great too. I am very glad I chose my team the way I did.

Our team got an good score which we deserved. We got about a 3/3 and I think it was exactly what our movie trailer deserved. We also tied for third place for best movie trailer, with another team, whose movie trailer is called Silhouette. I think we did well on the critique. My teammates are great and I think we did great too. With our challenges and successes we pulled through in the end, and produced a full movie trailer.

Bye everyone! Have a unirific day!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Metamorphoses Animation

Hi everybody! In GT we are starting a new project called metamorphoses animation.

The goal of our project is to make a animation that shows metamorphoses in a physical, and emotional way. My team consists of the amazing Michael Tittnich and the fabulous Moira Nagle. We want to show people that you can face your fears and be the best you you can be. It also show that you can always find nice people to help you, and that you can help others. Kindness and helping others is an important thing. Change is also important. You can always be better, whether its helping someone, making a new friend, or even just working harder on something. Metamorphosis can be great.

Our focus statement is Mouse Faces Fears. It is about a mouse who is teased a lot by other mice becoming brave and becoming a courageous lion after meeting a friendly lion who helps him face his fears. The mouse named Dill is teased by his fellow mice who mock him and laugh at him. He cries and decides he does not want to be teased, so he decides to run away. So as he runs he meets a lion named John. At first Dill is terrified of this giant lion, but learns to trust him. The lion encourages Dill not to be scared and to learn how to face his fears. Dill becomes a big brave lion because of John the lion who helped him so much. He goes back to the field of mice and when he goes back, all of the mice are scared of him, because he is a lion. He decides to find new friends who appreciate him and are nice to him. He finds a group of lions and they become friends, and Dill is happy and free of bullies, and is finally with nice people.

I think our team tried hard and worked hard. We got a score of 3.3. Our animation could have been better but, in the end we succeeded and actually made an animation that was pretty good. We got five votes for best animation and tied for third. It could always be better but we tried. I think we deserved the grade we got, because although we tried it could have been better and always could be improved. For example, we could have filmed a bit more to make it longer. We also could have edited the audio and filmed the audio better. I was kind of hard because we had a lot of audio, and sometimes when we filmed it our voices were muffled, or too loud.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Geometric Portraits

Hi everyone! We are working on a new project called Low Poly Portraits. Enjoy!

Are facial expressions universal? The answer to that is yes, none in different cultures or places learn different ways to express emotion. I believe they are, but in many different ways. For example, when someone is happy they will usually smile, unless they are hiding it, but not everyone will smile the same way. They
could be small smiles, or huge ones that take up your whole face and light up a room with joy. You could close your eyes when you smile, or open them really wide. When people are sad, or mad they can frown, and furrow their eyebrows, or cry and look down. Facial expressions may have the same idea, but everyones are different and unique. People can laugh in different ways too. They can smile hugely and laugh big as well. Or they can simply giggle with a slight smile on their face. I also believe that you are born with being able to show emotion with your face. We don't learn how to show emotion we just know. For example babies show emotion by smiling a crying, so they don't learn it. While we have to learn how to walk, talk, and do math, but not how to express yourself. People are unique and they are like snowflakes, no two are the same. Everyone is different and unique, and so are their facial expressions.

I created my poly portrait by first taking the photo. There are requirements that I had to use while doing this. First I had to make sure it was symmetrical so that I could copy it.  The I had to make sure that I didn't cut any part of my face and that it was and equal distance from my chin to the bottom and my head to the top. I also made sure that my ear was equal distance as my other ear. Next step Photoshop. I uploaded my picture to photoshop, and dragged it into my project. Then you have to resize it. You just have to make sure it fits in the screen and that it is all equal. After that, you add a grid by going to view, snap to, then grid and check it off. Then you take the red line tool and make a line down the middle. After that you make a outline very carefully around the outside of the head. Then you fill in the spaces carefully using only triangles. This step takes a little longer than you probably would like, but it is crucial to the quality of your poly portrait. Next you will use the
polygonal lasso tool to outline all of the triangles. As you outline them for the first one you click into Filter, blur, average and then to do it to the rest just click command F to filter it with the same one. Once you are done with that, then you will outline the full face and hair with the polygonal lasso tool and click command J. You will name that copy Left, and make a copy of that by clicking command J again, and name that Right. You will then go to the move tool and move the right horizontally into the other side until it looks like a face (hopefully your face!). Then click the outline double click and select color overlay, turn it to white and TADA! You are DONE! Next step is to click save as in file, and select JPEG. Then you are completely finished. FABULOUS!!!

Poly-1 and Poly-2 are very different. They are both made very differently, but I feel my second one was better, because I was a lot more experienced and I knew a lot more about it and what to do. I also had a better picture that worked a lot nicer than my first one. However, I messed up a bit on the hair for the second one, so it kind of looks like she is wearing a blue hat. I think it was just the way the sunlight shone on her that made her hair look BLUE! Even though the hair was not the best, I think that the mouth was my best work yet for it. I also like the ear and the shirt and neck. On my first one I did too many triangles on the hair and not enough on the face. Also I messed up on the nose and lips for my first one.

Bye everyone! Have a UNIRIFIC day!!!!!(:

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

HoeselK_Retime from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Hello! My latest project has been making a poem and using it to turn into a nature video. Hope you enjoy!

You can interact with nature by growing a garden, taking a walk, or simply appreciating what nature has created. You could fly a kite or sit under a tree and read, listening to the whistling sound of the wind gently blowing the. There are many ways to connect with nature, like relaxing in the sun or bird watching. The last way is to eat you own vegetables that you grew yourself. There are many ways to interact with nature. Nature impacts all of us in many ways. Nature makes many things that keep us alive. For example, it creates plants and vegetables that we eat, and trees that keep us alive by giving us oxygen. Humans usually don't notice or really appreciate what nature provides for us. They are to busy to think about all the things nature gives us. We can give back to nature in many ways. some examples are, you could water plants to help them grow. you can help hurt animals, or volunteer at an animal wildlife preserve. You could do many things to help the environment and all of them are amazing and fun to do.

The process of making a timelapse or a slo-mo is very simple to do. For a timelapse you take a video that is one third ground two thirds sky. You then go into Final Cut Pro and edit the video you took to make it faster. To do this you go into retime and either select the amount you want to speed it up by, or use custom to decide. Then there you go, you have a beautiful timelapse!
Now time for how to make a slow-mo. For this you take a short video (I suggest 5-10 seconds then use the best part of it.) and again click on retime. Then you click on fast and either custom or one from the list. Then again you wait and you have a perfect action packed slo-mo.

The hardest part for me was taking the actual videos. For my sunrise I had to wake up really early with my dad and driving to Kealia lookout to climb up the hill (after I had hurt my ankle) to catch a good sunrise. My house, by the way, does NOT get good sunrises and sunsets. For the waterfall I had to hike to ho'opihi falls to take the video. Then since I uploaded it wrong, I had to redo it at Loop Road. When I tried to get a good sunset video, the sky did not agree with me. I couldn't redo it so i went with it. I think it looks fine. Another hard part was getting all of my clips to the time I wanted them in. I had to really focus on using only the most action packed or prettiest parts of my clips to make it all look very well composed and beautiful. I really enjoyed this project and I thought it was very challenging in a good way.
I got a 3/4 for my project because most of the class voted me as a 3. I do not want to sound stuck up, but I do not agree. I think I deserved a 4/4 because I not only met all of the requirements, but I had more than I needed. Also my videos were very good quality and all related to my poem. I also had basic text to almost all of my clips saying things that I was saying in my poem. I think I deserved a 4, but the class gave me a 3 as my result.

Bye everyone! Have a Unirific day!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

I think poetry is about expression and feeling. I is special to the person who wrote it and it's more than just rhyming words on paper. It is about truly expressing yourself. It's like putting a little piece of yourself on paper. Poems can be personal because they are not just a few rhyming words on paper. They are truly a form of the truest expression of yourself. The words are compliments of your true emotions and what lie in them. A poem can make you feel many different feelings. Joy, sadness, inspiration, love and all of the above. There is a story hidden beneath each word, and emotions cast over the whole poem. The poem has a connection to the writer and vice versa. The author does not just throw words on a piece of paper. They have a reason for writing each word and a reason behind it

When life gets you down, and all you can do is frown you have to rise above

rise like a sunrise in to the cloudy skies, look up to the light, not the dark,

looming like a shark,

the light will guide you bright shining through the dark flames of the night, 

sweet as a strawberry, magical as a fairy,

dream of ice cream a beam of light in any life.

I like cats, and thats the truth,

I hope to be an actress, shining bright in the spotlight, as I recite my lines

I used rhyme and rhythm by searching for words that rhyme and sound good together and make sense. I made sure it sounded interesting and rhythmic and have a good beat. I worked hard on it. I used several rhyming words instead of just two. An example of multiple rhyming words is, bright, spotlight, recite. I made it all work well together and sound good. I also made it have a connection to me. It relates to me, and has a lot about me. It mentions some of my interests, like how I love to act. And how I love cats.

Bye everyone! Have a Unirific day!